Teak Perch Long


Back Zoo Nature Teak Perch Long is a durable perch made from the exceedingly strong teak wood. As a result, this perch will last much longer than the average wooden perch. The wood is untreated and safe to nibble and gnaw on. Teak Perch Long is a 100% natural perch, therefore the perch is not completely straight, but varies in thicknesses and shapes. Because of the different thicknesses and shapes in the Teak Perch Long, the aviary trains its feet all the time. After all, birds sit on different sized branches in trees in nature too!

Due to the exceptional length of approximately 90-110 cm, the perch is very suitable for larger cages and aviaries or to place diagonally in the enclosure. The perch can also be cut to size to fit the cage. The perch does not include a hanging mechanism, but is easy to install by cutting notches in the ends so you can clamp it between the bars or by hanging the perch in universal perch holders.

Back Zoo Nature's Teak Perch Long adds a beautiful natural look to your bird cage. An environment where your bird will feel right at home!

Size: approx. ⌀ 2-5 x 90-100 cm

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