Teak Perch Long


The teak perch long is a durable perch made of high-strength teak wood sourced from old coffee trees from Indonesia. When these trees no longer produce enough beans, they are not destroyed but reused for bird supplies such as our perches. In addition, the hardness of the wood ensures that the stick lasts a long time. So twice as durable!

  • Sustainability: The teak perch lung is made from extremely tough teak wood sourced from old coffee trees that no longer produce enough beans

  • Natural variation: Each perch is unique due to natural variation in thickness and shape, contributing to the foot health of your birds.

  • Multi-purpose: At 90 cm long, the Single Perch Teak is ideal for aviaries and wider bird enclosures. It provides enough space for several birds to sit comfortably.

Each single perch is unique due to natural variations in thickness and shape, contributing to your bird's foot health. The wood is partially stripped of bark, with a safe hard core that your bird can enjoy nibbling and gnawing on.

The perch does not include a hanging mechanism, but is easily installed by cutting notches in the ends so you can clip it between the bars or by hanging the stick in universal perch holders.

Think Like Nature: A diverse range of perches with different diameters and textures naturally stimulates birds' paw muscles and promotes optimal circulation, as they would experience in their natural habitat. After all, birds sit on branches of different thicknesses and textures in nature too!

Article code: ZF1009
Ean number: 8714835110194
Dimensions: approx. ⌀ 2 - 5 x 90 cm
Weight: approx. 320 grams
Material: Teak Wood
Suitable for: Parakeets, dwarf parrots and parrots.
Natural product: Due to its natural origin, teak perch lung can vary in color, size and shape. 

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