Forest Pine Cones 6pc.


The Forest Pine Cones are 100% natural pine cones for enrichment in the enclosure and stimulation of natural behavior. For example, you can spread the pine cones as topping on the ground where reptiles, rodents or birds can forage among them or as a toy for birds and rodents. The Forest Pine Cones can be used as demolition or foraging toys. For example, hide a tasty snack (such as Back Zoo Nature Fruit Mix with the Arabic Gum as a natural binder) between the scales of pine cones and let your rodent or bird search for the treat. In addition, for the larger budgie it can also be used as a foot toy or as a part to make your own toy for hours of fun!

Tip: Combine Forest Pine Cones with one of Back Zoo Nature's basic beds and bring nature closer to home!

Contents: 6 pieces.

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