Cuddle Cotton


Let your birds and rodents enjoy Back Zoo Nature Hug Cotton, fluffy cotton balls straight from the cotton plant. These natural fibers are perfect for building soft and comfortable nests.

In addition, these cotton balls offer a fun activity for your pets. Birds and rodents love to pick apart and demolish the cotton bolls, satisfying their natural demolition urges and promoting mental stimulation.

  • Encourages natural behavior: Hug Cotton encourages birds and rodents to develop nesting skills by collecting soft materials.

  • Pure cotton fluff: With no additives or chemicals, our Hug Cotton provides a safe and 100% natural nesting material.

  • Encourages active pursuits: Birds and rodents love to scrape, gnaw and pick at Hug Cotton, reinforcing their natural instincts and providing mental stimulation.

Think Like Nature: With our Discovery Bedding line, you create an environment where your pets can exhibit natural behaviors similar to their lives in the wild. In the wild, animals spend a lot of time searching for food, an activity that is essential not only for their survival, but also for their overall well-being and happiness. By using our Discovery Bedding, you encourage these natural instincts, resulting in a more active and happier life for your pets.

Article code: ZF4440
Ean Number: 8714835126713
Dimensions: Approx 3-4cm
Contents: 3 cotton balls
Material: Cotton plant
Suitable for: Birds and rodents
Natural product: Due to their natural origin, cotton balls may vary in color, size and shape.

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