Corky Perch Small


The Corky Perch is a natural roost for birds made of cork (100% natural product). By means of the wing nut, the Corky Perch is easy to attach to the bars of your cage. UNIQUE: The perches are equipped with a HARD CORE, so after the long cutting pleasure a hard (natural) roost remains! Ideal for crooked beaks to live and shred and provide a perfect resting place for birds. Because cork is quite firm and a little elastic, it lasts much longer than normal bark. The Corcky Perch perches feel nice and soft for the legs and provide a very good grip for the legs due to the natural shape. The nails wear and beak also wear in a natural way. Do you also take nature back home? Suitable for large parrots such as cockatoos and macaws.

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