Bark Bedding 20L


Back Zoo Nature Bark Bedding is an ecological substrate extracted from the bark of a tree. Bark Bedding is made from softwood, 100% natural and biodegradable. Bark Bedding is therefore not harmful to the environment and does not mold.

This ground cover from Back Zoo Nature is a somewhat heavier ground cover and suitable for reptiles, rodents and birds. In the natural habitat, many reptiles, rodents and birds search for food on and under the ground. With this ground cover you create natural soil in which they can root and dig.

Because this ground cover is somewhat heavier, it is also very suitable for rodents and birds to forage and dig among without flying in all directions and ending up next to the habitat. With Bark Bedding you stimulate the natural behavior of your animal and you give a natural look to the enclosure.

Bring the natural habitat into your home with Back Zoo Nature Bark Bedding!

Tip: Combine Forest Moss, Discovery LeavesForest Pine Cones or one of the other toppers to finish the enclosure.

Volume: 20 liters

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