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Wood Perch Duo

Reference: ZF1041

Perches with different thicknesses are essential for the development of your small bird. The ergonomic Wood Perch Duo will train the claws of your bird in a natural way and is also very comfortable. The Wood Perch Duo fits parakeets and small parrots.

Dimensions: 25 x 1,3-2,1 cm

Coloured Stuffed Balls -...

Reference: ZF6636

The Coloured Stuffed Balls are three foraging vine balls, stuffed with crinkle paper. These are made of all natural materials and are hand woven. A great multi-use item that can be used in toy making projects or just as a foraging foot toy. We are sure that your feathered friend will have a blast with theColoured Stuffed Balls.

Content: 3 pc
Dimension: 4 cm

Shredding Slices Medium

Reference: ZF6609

The Shredding Slices Medium is a best-selling parrot toy. Parrots love to rip apart cardboard and to destroy coloured wood slats. The Shredding Slices Medium is made from all natural materials; wood, cardboard and sisal rope.

Dimensions: 32 x 8 cm