Multi Perch Premium X-Large


The Multi Perch is a durable wooden perch with multiple branches and playful shapes, carefully crafted from extremely strong Java wood from old coffee trees. These trees come from coffee plantations on the Indonesian island of Java. Over time, the coffee tree no longer produces (good) beans, making the tree unusable for coffee production. However, this hard wood is still very suitable for various bird and rodent supplies. Instead of destroying the trees, Back Zoo Nature uses them as raw material for toys and perches, among other things. In addition, the hardness of the wood makes the stick last a long time. So twice as sustainable!

Both functionality and convenience are very important to us at Back Zoo Nature. Therefore, the Multi Perch is stripped of its bark, so it does not cause any mess in the enclosure and is easy to clean. The bird sits on the hard core and is therefore completely safe to gnaw and nibble on the perch. The Multi Perch features a screw with wing nut for easy attachment to the cage. 

Java wood is known for its exceptional sturdiness, making this perch ideal for all types of birds, especially parrots and parakeets. The Multi Perch is available in five sizes; x-small, small, medium, large and x-large. There is the perfect fit for every bird:

X-Small: small tropical birds, canaries, small parakeets
Small: parakeets (and small parrots)
Medium: larger parakeets and small parrots
Large: medium-sized parrots
X-Large: large parrots (macaws)

The natural properties of the java wood make the Multi Perch unique and distinctive. Each perch is made with care and no two perches are the same. The Multi Perch is a natural product in which each perch varies in thickness and therefore offers a diverse seating surface for your bird. Your little friend can exercise and strengthen his legs and foot muscles in this way, improving overall health and well-being. After all, birds sit on branches of varying thicknesses in nature, too!

In addition, the smooth, surface and warm, earthy tones and material gives the enclosure a natural look. One where your bird will feel right at home!

Size: approx. ⌀ 6-10 x 45-70 cm

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