Discovery Leaves for Reptiles


Discover the perfect addition for your reptiles' terrarium with Discovery Leaves from Back Zoo Nature. Discovery Leaves is a natural addition to the ground cover in the enclosure. Back Zoo Nature's Discovery Leaves are dried oak leaves and each one carefully selected. The leaves are completely free of chemicals and are therefore 100% safe for your pet.

In the natural habitat reptiles like to forage among the leaves and branches on the ground, this is instinctive, natural behavior. By adding the Discovery Leaves as a topping on the ground in the terrarium you encourage your beloved pet to forage just like in nature. By combining the leaves with one of our basic ground covers such as Discovery Bedding, Humus Bedding or Bark Bedding you create a complete and enriching habitat. You can also combine the leaves with one of our other toppings such as Forest Moss. Complete enrichment and the ability to express natural behaviors contribute to their physical and mental health and keep them active and engaged in their environment.

Back Zoo Nature Discovery Leaves also mimic the natural habitat of your pets. With these special oak leaves you not only give a beautiful exceptionally natural look to the pet enclosure, but also create healthy living environments at the same time. For example, leaves play an essential role in nature in maintaining optimal humidity levels and creating hiding places. By mimicking the natural habitat, you ensure that your pet feels safe and comfortable.

Discover the benefits of Discovery Leaves for yourself and give your sweet pets the natural experience they deserve!

Contents: approx. 35 to 50 grams

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