Corky Perch Medium


The Corky Perch is a 100% natural perch made of cork. In nature, birds use tree branches as perches and resting places. To mimic the natural environment and stimulate the natural behavior of the birds, the Corky Perch is the perfect perch for the bird enclosure. Nails wear down naturally. In addition, birds find it a challenge to nibble on the perch, this ensures that the beak also wears down naturally. The core of the perch is hardened, however, after nibbling on the cork, a hard natural perch remains. The wing nut makes it easy to attach the perch to almost any cage.

Each perch is unique!

The Corky Perch Medium is suitable for large parakeets and medium parrots, such as Ringed Necked parakeet, Grey Parrots, Amazone, Rose cockatoo, etc.

Size: approx. 30 cm x ⌀ 4-6 cm

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