Shredded Wood


Back Zoo Nature Shredded Wood is collection of shredded wood, 100% natural and untreated. The wood comes from sustainable forested areas with a Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification certificate. This natural wood wool is applicable in multiple ways; for example, Shredded Wood can be used as an addition to Discovery Bedding to enrich the soil. This not only gives a natural look to the enclosure but also encourages natural behavior. Birds and rodents can forage among it and search for food. Small rodents will also love it for romping around, taking shelter or digging. Shredded Wood is also very suitable as nesting material, so birds can safely lay their eggs, nurse their young and rodents can sleep in it. 

Shredded Wood can also be used in scrap toys, shredding toys and foraging toys. Incorporate a tuft into the toy and hide something tasty in between, forcing your bird or rodent to make an effort to reach its favorite snack. The shredded wood is completely safe for your pet. That's because Shredded Wood is untreated, air-dried wood only; meaning no chemicals such as impregnants have been used. Purely natural product which can be completely recycled.

Encourage natural behavior and see how much fun your little friend has with it!

Contents: approx. 30 grams

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