Fruit Cups Mix - 100 pcs
  • Fruit Cups Mix - 100 pcs
  • Fruit Cups Mix - 100 pcs
  • Fruit Cups Mix - 100 pcs
  • Fruit Cups Mix - 100 pcs
  • Fruit Cups Mix - 100 pcs

Fruit Cups Mix - 100 pcs


Meet the delicious Fruit Cup treats for birds and rodents! Immensely popular and much loved by our little friends. Fruit, mainly the sugars, are an essential part of the diet of birds, especially for parrots and parakeeets. In nature, birds consume many fruits, nectar, flowers, etc. that contain natural sugars that birds really need. Birds consume relatively more energy relative to their body weight because they need to be able to fly. Did you know that birds have twice as much fructose in their blood compared to mammals of the same size?

When fresh fruit is not within reach, or you would like to offer variety in the diet, you can offer Back Zoo Nature fruit cups as a tasty snack. These fruit cups contain almost the same amount of sugars as fresh fruit. Of course, fresh fruit is healthier and these fruit cups are only meant as a snack. The plastic cups are filled with a delicious jelly that mimics the tempting and sweet taste of fruit. The jelly is carefully formulated and has a high acceptance level. The soft texture makes them easy to eat. These treats are not only tasty, but also provide a real energy boost. 

Fruit Cups Mix is a mix of no less than six different flavors of fruit cups: melon, orange, strawberry, banana, honey and yogurt. Yogurt is lactose free and completely safe to give to your bird or rodent. Spoil your bird or rodent with the fruit cup mix!

Tip: for hot days, place the cups in the freezer. That way you can give your pet a cooling ice snack!

The Fruit Cups Mix 100pcs comes in a handy storage bucket with lid.

Special holders are available for the fruit cups, with and without screw and wing nut. Easy to fix in a cage or place on the ground in a rodent terrarium. This keeps the cups clean and easy for your pet to eat.

Content: 100 pieces

Composition: Sugar, fructose, fruit syrup, blossoms (gardenia flower, saffron). (This product does not contain fruit.)

Additives: Preservatives, mixture of aromatic substances. Vitamin (β-carotene). 2a102, E110m 2a104.

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein: 0.5%
Crude fat: 0.5%
Crude fiber: 1.0%
Raw ash: 0.5%
Moisture: 76.0%

Instructions for use: Remove the plastic foil.
Nutritional advice: Maximum 1 to 2 cups per week per animal, depending on the type and size of the animal.
Store advice: Store in a dry, cool and dark place. Keep out of the reach of children.

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