Flower Mix 35g


Fruits and nuts are essential in the diet of many birds and rodents. However, many foods do not contain all the necessary nutrients or offer too little variety. Back Zoo Nature's nut and fruit line is a great addition to and enrichment of your bird's or rodent's diet. 

Back Zoo Nature's Flower Mix are high quality dried flowers especially for birds and rodents. You can mix this flower mix with regular food or give it as a snack. Also, these flowers are ideal for scattering and hiding in the enclosure to encourage natural behaviors such as foraging. After all, in nature, birds and rodents spend much of their time actively searching for food! In addition, you can soak the flower petals in (hot) water to make tea for your bird or rodent. Stimulate your pet's senses with this true smell and taste sensation!

The Flower Mix is only available in 35 grams, packed in a convenient resealable package so the flowers stay fresh.

Back Zoo Nature Flower Mix is a real treat for your bird or rodent! Have you tried Back Zoo Nature's other nuts and fruits?

Composition: Chamomile, cornflower, roseflower, sunflower, hop flowers. 

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein: 9,7%
Crude fat: 2%
Crude fibers: 18,6%
Crude ash: 6,5%

Nutritional advice: Maximum 10% of the daily nutritional requirement.
Storage advice: Store in a dry, cool and dark place. Keep out of the reach of children.

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