Curly Vine 60 x 2-5 cm
  • Curly Vine 60 x 2-5 cm
  • Curly Vine 60 x 2-5 cm

Curly Vine 60 x 2-5 cm


Transform your pets' enclosure into a vibrant, natural habitat with the Curly Vine. Crafted with care, this vine is multi-functional and specially designed for birds, reptiles and rodents. The Curly Vine is a tree bark vine with an authentic look, instantly transforming any enclosure into a natural habitat with its rugged features. Watch as your animals are drawn to its intricate curves and twists; ready to explore!

Natural habitat: The Curly Vine offers more than just a beautiful aesthetic - it is also a natural element that encourages exploration and vitality, thereby promoting physical and mental health. It will pique curiosity and your animals will have to make their way across its sinuous shapes and varying thicknesses, strengthening muscles and improving agility. Each climb and stretch requires physical exertion, which will improve their overall well-being.

Physical effort: Our Curly Vine is a varied climbing and clambering feast for birds, where they will have to adopt different postures. The different shapes and thicknesses ensure that (unlike a straight wooden or plastic stick) they will use different muscles and train the legs even more, just as they have to exert and move constantly in nature. Your bird will feel better entertained and challenged in an environment that matches its natural instincts.

But also for reptiles and rodents, the Curly Vine is a natural addition to the enclosure giving them more opportunities to climb and clamber. Vines are great for creating various heights to challenge your animal. Prevent boredom and design a true paradise where your pet can rest, hide, climb and clamber and watch as they are stimulated in natural instincts and live a fulfilled life.

Whether used as a perch for birds to rest on, an engaging decoration for reptiles to explore, or a dynamic obstacle course for energetic rodents, the Curly Vine promises endless hours of entertainment and enrichment.

Bring nature back into your home with this Curly Vine and make your pet feel right at home!

Dimensions: approx. Ø 2-5 x 50-60 cm

Suitable for: birds, reptiles and rodents

Shape: This is a natural product, each vine has its own shape and therefore each vine is completely unique.

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