Corky Tube Large


This Back Zoo Nature Corky Tube gives your pet's enclosure a natural look and, thanks to the fine properties of cork (flexible and soft), is very suitable and attractive for your pet. The Corky Tube offers various possibilities and can be used in different ways. Your small pet can not only hide in the tube to rest and relax, but can also climb on and over the tube to naturally shed nails and train muscles. This way, you ensure plenty of exercise and variety in the habitat. Some animals will even like to use it as a sunbathing area under a UV/heat lamp! In addition, the Corky Tube lends itself perfectly as natural nibbling and gnawing material, allowing animals to express their natural scrapping behaviour and grind down teeth. By hiding some treats in the tube, you can keep your pet busy for hours and also stimulate foraging behaviour.

Each piece is unique!

The Corky Tube Large is suitable for larger reptiles, such as larger snakes, tortoises, leguanas and blue-tongued skinks.

Sizes: ca. 30-35 x ⌀ 20-25 cm.

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