Fruit Cups Yogurt


The Fruit Cups Yogurt are a fruity treat for every bird and various rodents and reptiles! The soft pudding structure makes them easy to eat. Treat birds and rodents with the Fruit Cups Yogurt. These fruit cups are naturally lactose free and safe for birds and various rodents and reptiles.

• Ingredients: sugar, fructose, fruit syrup, blossoms (Gardenia flower, Saffron)
• Additives: Preservatives, mixture of aromatic substances
• Analytical components: Crude protein: 0.5%; Crude fat: 0.5%; crude fiber: 1.0%; raw ash: 0.5%; moisture: 76.2%
• Directions for use: Remove the plastic foil
• Maximum 1 to 2 cups per week per animal, depending on the type and size of the animal
• Store in a dry, cool and dark place
• Keep out of the reach of children
• Weight: 90 grams
• Content: 6 pieces

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